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For the best tubing in Winthrop, visit Methow Rafting. Grab a tube and enjoy an exciting, late summer float! Drop by our headquarters at 309 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, WA (1/4 mile East of Winthrop's 4-way stop next to the Drop Zone Co-op) between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. Here, Methow Rafting staff will get you geared up then bus you to Mack Lloyd Park where the float begins. The tube float lasts about 1 hour depending on the water flow. The rental fee includes the highest quality, durable mesh-bottom river tube; neoprene river booties; PFD (life jacket) and shuttle service. Bonus: If you are staying at the Winthrop KOA you get a free shuttle service from the campground! Just call for pickup. The pick up is approximately every 30 minutes.

Steps to go River Tubing

1. Walk to Methow Rafting's Headquarters at 309 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, WA

2. Parking is limited to 10 minutes at Methow Rafting HQ so the best places to include the Town Trailhead Parking Lot (0.3 miles), Mack Lloyd Park (0.4 miles and drop-off included), or elsewhere. Its best not to park on mainstreet to minimize congestion and respect the already limited parking in town. Please take your time, enjoy the beautiful short walk over the bridge or through town, and thank you for understanding.

3. What to bring: swimsuit/clothes to get wet, sun glasses, sun hat, sunscreen, and any form of payment unless you already paid online. 

4. What to leave in your car: phones, wallets (unless you need to pay), valuables, and things you don't want to take on the water. We do have small secure cubbies to store any personal items for your convenience.

3. Check-in if you made a reservation or pay at the front desk.

4. Sign acknowldegement of risk waiver.

5. Put on river shoes and PFD. Store shoes in cubby.

6. Saftey talk and tubing tips/tricks

7. Load up on the bus

8. Drop off at Mack Lloyd Park


10. Pick up at the KOA Campground

11. Drop off Methow Rafting HQ (or Mack Lloyd Park if that's where you started)

Tubing On The Methow River

Expect to spend about one hour relaxing on the river with a few splashy waves to keep you cool. When you reach our designated take-out (our staff will explain how to locate that) you'll have to paddle for the shore. We'll meet you at the take out and bring you back to the Methow Rafting HQ.

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