Resting on a raft as it gently floats downstream is one of the most peaceful ways to enjoy the Methow River. Spot wildlife and sit comfortably as the guide does all the work using an oar frame on our relaxing Scenic Winthrop Raft Tour. Our Scenic Winthrop Tour is perfect for families with young children and those looking for a slower paced river experience. 

What To Expect:

At Methow River Raft + Kayak, we've got everything covered for a great day on the river, from gear, to instruction and shuttle from the river at the end of the trip. We take care of all the details! When you arrive at River Run Inn, walk through the main office and you'll find our headquarters right on the river! After checking in with our staff you'll have time to change into your swimsuit and apply sunblock. When you're ready our guides will help you prepare for the trip, taking time to help outfit you with all of the gear you’ll need. Included in the cost of all of our trips is a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), wetsuit (if desired) and booties for your feet- everything you’ll need! There is a changing area and restroom available for your convenience.

As soon as everybody's geared up, your guides will give a brief orientation that covers paddling technique (if your group chooses to paddle) and river safety. Once that's out of the way we'll launch right there from River Run Inn. Expect to run a few small rapids along the way, but most of the trip is a peaceful tour of the beautiful Methow Valley. The float lasts about an hour and a half, with a short break along the way for snacks- we bring along water bottles and energy bars for everyone. At the end of the trip we bring everyone back to their vehicles at River Run Inn in our big blue van!

What You Should Bring: 

If you would like to help us reduce plastic waste please bring a re-fillable water bottle and we'll stow it onboard the raft.  Please bring any medications that may be necessary during the trip, ie. asthma inhalers or epi-pen for severe allergic reactions. Please notify your guide- we need to know if you have any medical conditions, AND we'll stow it in the dry bag on board the raft. Depending on the weather you may want to bring a warm layer, we recommend a fleece or technical wool mid-layer (no cotton please). If you must bring a camera we recommend only waterproof cameras.  Please leave all other personal items in your vehicle or at home.  

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