The Black Canyon Full-Day is the best whitewater in the Methow Valley and includes a delicious riverside lunch! This trip runs through upper Black Canyon and Black Canyon proper, including all the Half-Day rapids and more by starting further up on the river. It is filled with many challenging class III rapids and is surrounded by the golden grassland foothills of the North Cascades. Thirty-five minutes from both Winthrop and Chelan, it’s convenient yet rural location is prime for spending your day out river rafting and still allows you to get back to town by dinner time. This trip’s season starts in April and ends in August, each month unique and enjoyable. At high water you will paddle hard through big crashing waves. At low water you will enjoy swimming in warm, deep, and tranquil pools filled with trout and salmon. Read the season descriptions below for more details.

You will meet at the boathouse in the Town of Methow, get outfitted by your guides (all river gear is included), and ride the bus ten minutes to the put-in. Your guides will brief you on whitewater safety, paddling techniques, and how to best enjoy your time on the water. Once finished you will hop on your raft, your guide will call “paddle forward!” and the mighty Methow will whisk you down into an adventure your family and friends will remember for years. The best of the rapids include Rodeo, Indiana Jones, Guide Ejector, Taco Time, Black Canyon (watch out for the Black Hole!), Staircase, Hurricane, Shoshone Falls, Another Roadside Attraction, Oh No, and Jolly Green Giant. Halfway through you will stop for lunch on a sandy beach and indulge in a fresh locally-made sandwich and an icy seltzer. Once at the take-out you will load the bus for a quick ten minute ride back to the boathouse where you will return your gear and laugh and relive your fun, exciting rafting trip.

Meeting time and location: 10:00 am at the Methow Rafting boathouse in the Town of Methow (not the Winthrop office)

Spring Special

March 20 - May 5

Why wait until midsummer to go whitewater rafting? Late March, April, and early May are a great time to get out on the river. In fact, the guides at Methow Rafting will tell you it is the best time to go rafting! The waves are growing by the day as more snow melts from the mountains. The scenery is breathtaking - snow-capped peaks create a glistening white backdrop to the rare moment in time where the lower valley is not white or golden, but green with tree buds and yellow with Arrowleaf Balsamroot. Everyone is outfitted in wetsuits and splash jackets so you’ll be plenty warm. Join us for the Black Canyon Full-Day Spring Special; you’ll be glad you did.

Highwater Adrenaline

May 6 - June 25

Yes it is that time of year - huge waves and huge smiles! Cinch down your life jacket and grab that paddle because during May and June you’ll be paddling through the best whitewater of the year. One or two of the rapids even become a class IV! This trip is perfect for the adventurous bunch but still friendly enough to accommodate families with kids over age 10 (water level dependent). 

Mid-Season Fun

June 26 to July 25

Do you want the best of both worlds - warm sunshine and splashy waves? The Black Canyon Full-Day Mid-Season Fun trip is the best way to enjoy a family adventure on a hot summer day. This is our most popular time of year to go rafting and for good reason. Just when you’re ready to cool off by jumping in for a swim, your guide will call “paddle forward!” right into a refreshing series of waves leaving your group high-fiving and smiling.


July 26 to August 10

During late July and early August the Methow River enters yet another unique and enjoyable time of year. As the river flows drop and the waves shrink in size, the water temperatures soar (often 75 degrees or more) and the deep pools in between the rapids grow. The guides are excited to show off their technical prowess as the channelized and boulder-filled version of the Methow River is quite challenging; get ready for lots of paddle commands! The warm pools are a fantastic place to snorkel and observe salmon, white fish, and trout; leap off cliffs large and small; and simply relax in the calm currents under the hot summer sun. Don’t let the lack of huge waves deceive you…there really is no better way to spend the hottest days of summer than rafting the Methow River. Book a Late-Season trip with Methow Rafting and you and your family will love it.

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