This course is an education focused, low guest-to-guide ratio, two-day kayaking progression. You will learn basic to intermediate skills in a beginner friendly environment day one and apply those skills on a whitewater section day two. You will receive personalized instruction from Methow Rafting’s talented kayak instructors with the purpose of preparing you to paddle class II/III whitewater on the Gold Creek section of the Methow River. This course is perfect for a group of enthusiastic paddlers who are almost ready to jump right into a Gold Creek Kayak trip, but need practice and professional instruction beforehand. Also, you will be able to spend two days on two different sections of the Mighty Methow River!

On day one you will meet your guide at Mack Lloyd Park (aka Red Barn Park) in Winthrop where you will be outfitted by your guide (all river gear is included). After a safety talk and on-shore paddling instruction you will launch….class is in session! This section is from Winthrop to Twisp and is a very good class I/II section to learn and practice in a forgiving environment. Topics taught on day one include paddling techniques, reading water, choosing lines, eddy entrances and exits, self-rescue, and maybe even surfing! Halfway through you will stop at a nice beach for a delicious local riverside lunch. Once at the take-out you will review any final curriculum then hop into the Methow Rafting transport vehicle and make the ten minute drive back to your car.

On day two you will meet your guide down valley at the Methow Rafting Boathouse where you will get outfitted again. After a ten minute drive to the put-in, you will build upon the safety and paddling techniques learned the day before to prepare for this exciting class II/III section of the Methow River. Now you get to apply what you learned in a more challenging environment! You and your group will hop on your kayaks and paddle through numerous rapids such as Gold Creek, DOT, Rodeo, Guide Ejector, Taco Time, and K2 Annapurna. Your guide will further your skills by having you catch eddies and surf waves along the way. And it’s possible you may even have to practice a self-rescue if you go for an involuntary swim in a rapid! Halfway through you will stop at a beach for another riverside lunch. After a hydrology lesson, you will paddle the remainder of the section to the takeout. Here you will debrief the day, laugh, and smile at all you have achieved, and be on your merry way. Sign up for the Inflatable Kayak 2 Day Skills Class; you’ll be glad you did!

Meeting time and location: 10:00 am Day 1 Mack Lloyd Park (aka The Red Barn Park) in Winthrop (not in the town of Methow). 10:00 am Day 2 meet at the Methow Rafting Boathouse in the town of Methow (not the Methow Rafting Office in Winthrop)

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