Bus Driver

Job Posting:

CDL Bus Driver

Job Details:

  • Wage: $18/hr
  • Job type: seaonal, part-time or full-time
  • Vehicle: 2005 Internation Conventional 30 passenger school bus

Full Job Description:

Methow Rafting is looking for a CDL driver for the remainder of the 2021 season and for the 2022 season and beyond!

Methow Rafting offers guided whitewater and scenic river trips, both in rafts and kayaks, on multiple sections of the Methow River. These trips begin in April and run into August. Later in the summer, starting around July 15th through Labor Day, we offer a tube rental and shuttle service in Winthrop. Methow Rafting is a small company of about 5 to 10 people that operates April to September conditions permitting.

Position Summary: 

We are looking for a part-time or full-time seasonal bus driver with a CDL to drive customers between the take out and put in for various river trips. The bus being driven has an automatic transmission. The driver will be working independently while driving but also interacting with guides and staff who are running the prep and on-water portion of the trip. The driver is expected to help hand out and collect gear. The driver will report to one of the owners for scheduling and logistics. Ideally a driver who is hired for the remaining two months of the 2021 season will be a good fit and return for the 2022 season and following seasons.

Personal Characteristics:

An ideal candidate will be a safe, cautious driver and timely as the quality of Methow Rafting’s guests depends on it. During the tubing season, the driver must have the ability to navigate traffic and narrow spaces while towing a trailer. In addition, we are looking for someone who is friendly and happy to help people enjoy their river trip. Jokes, interesting bits of info, and entertaining stories are a plus. The bus has an internal/external microphone which the driver can use voice and/or music. Occasionally someone who is tubing needs assistance so the ability to figure out how to do so is helpful.


The driver is responsible for the driving, basic maintenance (fueling, checking fluids, and air pressure), and post-drive cleaning of the bus. During the whitewater season the driver will be driving for two trips most days. There is one other driver to share the workload with.

Job requirements:

  • A current, valid Commercial Driver’s License

  • Previous experience driving large vehicles with a trailer

Additional Information:

Methow Rafting provides the bus, training on the routes, and supplemental equipment. Benefits include use of boats, tubes, and other river equipment when not in use on trips; joining whitewater trips when space is available; and working with a really fun crew. Apply by sending a resume to methowrafting@gmail.com or bring it to the Methow Rafting office at 309 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, WA. Call (509) 866-6775 and we’ll schedule an interview. Hiring is open until the position is filled. This is an ideal job for someone who lives in the lower Methow Valley or Pateros who is looking for part-time work to work during the whitewater season (April to August). If you are interested and have questions, please give us a call or stop by and we’d be happy to chat about the job. Compensation: $18/hr