Kayak Roll Sessions

Through our partnership with River Run Inn we are able to offer indoor, year round pool time for roll practice.  Roll sessions are offered for both beginning paddlers learning roll fundamentals and experienced paddlers looking to brush up on their roll at the beginning of the season.

Beginner Roll Sessions 

Our instructors will provide hands on instruction and will be in the pool with you throughout the session.  We begin by introducing the wet-exit, a must for any hardshell paddler, and then follow a standard progression of skills leading to rolling the kayak successfully.  Multiple sessions may be necessary to consistently complete your roll.

Intermediate Roll Sessions

Designed for intermediate paddlers that have been able to roll successfully but need to gain confidence or are not able to roll consistently.  We'll back up and go over the basics if needed, then provide you with plenty of supervised practice time to hone your skills.

Advanced Roll Sessions

These are intended for experienced and independent paddlers that have solid skills but just need a little pool time at the beginning of the season.  This is basically loosely supervised pool time and doesn't include personal instruction. 

Please note: 
We only have a few hardshell kayaks available for roll practice use.  Since they're size specific, please bring your own gear if you have it, but we'll do our best to supply you with gear if you don't.


  • Beginner Session (2.5 hours private) = $65
  • Intermediate Session (2.5 hours) = $45
  • Advanced Session = $15/hour