Nick Peach

Raft & Kayak Guide

Where did you grow up?

Bellingham, WA

Where is home?

Currently teach public school in Salt Lake City

How many years have you been raft guiding?

I have been guiding each summer and a few winters since 2009. I have had the opportunity to work as far North as Alaska, as far South as Costa Rica, and in most of the states in the American West

Fun fact about you?

My great uncle co-invented Pickleball

Favorite guiding memory?

Flipping my raft at Crystal Rapid in the Grand Canyon 3 seconds after I declared I had the perfect line

Best feature on the Methow River?

Bottom hit at Staircase rapid during high water

Favorite river?

Methow River! Lochsa River is very fun to go visit as well

Other info?

I found this company through working with co-owner Dylan Marks in Stehekin in 2012. Methow Rafting has provided me with a great place to live and work during the summer and is close to family in Bellingham.