What to Expect

With Methow River Raft + Kayak, from the time you arrive at our riverside headquarters to the time you leave, our team works to ensure that your time both on the river and off the river exceeds your expectations. Once you arrive at Methow River Raft + Kayak we take care of everything you need for the trip, from gear, to instruction and shuttle to or from the river, leaving you free to enjoy a spectacular day of adventure and excitement! 

Your safety is our number one priority at Methow River Raft + Kayak. Our kayak trips have a low customer guide ratio to ensure your safety and make sure you get individualized instruction and attention. As part of our commitment to safety, all of our guides are highly trained and experienced boaters and have first aid and CPR training, we use only the highest quality gear and we carry first aid and emergency equipment on all of our trips.

What You Should Bring: 

Please bring any medications that may be necessary during the trip, ie. asthma inhalers or epi-pen for severe allergic reactions. Please notify your guide- we need to know if you have any medical conditions, AND we'll give you a dry bag to securely stow medications in. We recommend leaving all other personal items at home. If you must bring a camera we recommend only waterproof cameras. Kayaks have very limited storage space but your guide will bring along extra warm layers in a dry bag in case you get cold.